"You colored our lives with beautiful memories, and remain in our hearts forever."   (1944 - 2000)


Welcome to the Vivi K. Crandall Gallery

Since 2000 has been the Internet home to world famous wildlife artist Vivi K. Crandall. Just like her publishing company, Artist's Choice, this Web site is 100% in-house designed and managed. The old version needed an overhaul but, since it was endorsed by Vivi, we held off for as long as possible. With the debut of this up-to-date version we feel confident that Vivi would approve and welcome you to do the same.

What We Do

Artist's Choice is the exclusive publisher of wildlife artist Vivi K. Crandall. Our story began in 1986 when, instead of signing with an outside publisher, we opted to independently oversee the reproduction and distribution of Vivi's artwork. Artist's Choice continues to release prints from select original paintings provided by Vivi's many collectors.

What Else We Do

Artist's Choice Gallery features many of Vivi's popular pieces: prints, collector plates, etc...and a handful of other artists' works in varying mediums. We strive to obtain Vivi's most sought after prints and usually have several on hand.

Our gallery also specializes in high quality custom framing.

Where We Do It


"Vivi painted personality and soul into the animal. She was one of the first artist's that painted breath. You can see speed and the fog of a cold morning"

Deb Penk
Friend and Artist